Women in Tech! Get your voices heard

tis 17:30 (22/10-2019)  -  tis 21:30 (22/10-2019)
Veras gräsmatta

Welcome to an evening where women within tech get their voices heard. There will be a facilitated workshop where you can express, address and literally write down what changes have to be made for women to stay in tech. Sign up for a spot at this event here.

According to the Harvard Business Review, 41 % of women working in tech eventually end up leaving the field, compared to just 17 % of men. In one study the researchers interviewed over 700 women who had left tech and almost all of them said they liked the work itself, but most were unhappy with the work environment. Nadya Fouad, a psychologist at the University of Wisconsin, conducted a similar study and summarised her findings on why women leave tech with “it’s the climate, stupid!”. 

At the same time we hear how female engineers and programmers are scarce and how employers bang their heads to find more women to employ. It’s not a problem of scarcity, it’s an equality problem within the organisations. The issue has been addressed multiple times and now it’s time for a change! This is done by action, and not by words. 

What’s happening?
Together with other women in tech you will during this evening at Veras Gärsmatta in Gothenburg, express and address what is wrong and what needs to change for you to stay in tech. This will at the end of the evening manifest in a list of demands that will be handed over to two organisations: Almega, Sweden’s largest employers organisation within the service sector, and Unionen, Sweden's largest trade union organisation.

We have a limited seat of 100 spots for this evening in Gothenburg. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of being one of those hundred women getting their voices heard in a man dominated tech sector. Sign up here. 

The event is free of charge and a light meal is included.
We invite anybody identifying as a woman working or studying in a tech related field. 

This event is organised by Unionen Women in IT Women in Tech Gothenburg

Natali Suonvieri, Host
Natali Suonvieri is an educator, speaker and consultant in the field of sustainable work life, focusing on the psycho-social work environment and mental health at work. She has a background in the tech world as a manager, and planned and actualised the world's first interdisciplinary hackathon against sexual harassment, #NowWhat at Norrsken House as Head of Concept. Natali is last but not least the founder of Sweden’s biggest community dedicated to women and non-binaries suffering from stress-related mental illness, 
Stressgäris, and a loud advocate for equal opportunities in the workplace. 

Malin Frithiofsson, Inspirational Speaker
Malin is a social justice disruptor, business developer, columnist and public speaker. In her work at a top world ranked VC and tech incubator as well and in her position as chairperson for Women In Tech Gothenburg, she has dedicated herself to making the entrepreneurial scene more diverse and inclusive.

Christer Hedberg, Workshop Facilitator 
Christer Hedberg is an experienced facilitator who creates and facilitates engaging and inclusive workshops, both in Sweden and around the world. In his facilitation, Christer combines his background in the communications and tech world with his team development and coaching skills. Christer is one of the driving members of Byråsamarbetet (The Agency Collaboration), Gothenburg’s creative agencies' response to #sistabriefen / #metoo, where he facilitated a number of workshops that led to The Agency Code – the joint manifesto and action plan going forward for a better work climate in the creative industry.

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