This s@#t ain’t workin’!...A case for ecological masculinities

tors 18:00 (20/02-2020)  -  tors 20:00 (20/02-2020)
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This s@#t ain’t workin’!...A case for ecological masculinities

Torsdag 20/2 kl 18.00–20.00 - Fri entré

Stora Salen

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What is ecological masculinities? Within the social sciences at Chalmers University, there is a research group focusing on masculinities, gender equity and care of the environment. The group studies how ideals and norms about masculinities are commonly constructed in ways that oppose social and environmental justice.

 Dr. Pulé is an Australian social scientist, expert and co- author of the theories and practices of Ecological Masculinities and a Post-doc research fellow at Chalmers University’s Science, Technology and Society Division. In his lecture he will explore the connections between masculinities, climate denial, backlashes against feminism, white supremacy and the eroding of democracies as symptoms of a hyper-masculinised world. From there, Pulé will introduce Ecological Masculinities as an alternative as we strive to create a more caring world for all.

Lecture by Dr. Paul Pulé, Post-doc researcher and author at Chalmers University.

In collaboration with Studiefrämjandet and Chalmers University.

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