The COVID pandemia: how are women and the feminist movement in Latin America being impacted?

tis 18:00 (26/05-2020)  -  tis 19:30 (26/05-2020)


Webinar with the participation of three specialists and activists from Mexico, Peru and Argentina. Gender and Development in Practice, Sweden

Virginia Vargas from Peru. Sociólogist, militant feminist en Perú and Latin America. One of the founders of the "Flora Tristán” Center in Lima and of the movement Articulación Feminista Marcosur in Latin America. She has published several books and articles and been invited to several universities in Latin America, the US and Europe. She is part of several feminist networks in Latin America and in the rest of the world and has been an active participant at the different World Social forums.

Graciela di Marco from Argentina. Sociologist and prominent specialist on Gender issues in Argentina. Professor in  Democratization, Citizenship and Human Rights and Director of the Centre of Studies on Democratization and Human Rights. She is also part of several international and academic committees and networks on feminist studies. Author of several publications whereas the latest one suggest the new concept of ‘the feminist people’.

Paloma Bonfil from Mexico. Social anthropologist and feminist activist, she is one of the most well known specialists on the indigenous women’s situation in Mexico. Founder and chair of GIMTRAP, the Mexican association for women’s rights seeds, an NGO specialized on projects dealing with indigenous women. Currently she is the national coordinator of Anthropology of the INAH, the National Institute of Anthropology and History in Mexico.

Moderator: Edmé Dominguez R. Associate professor at the School of Global Studies, SGS, at Gothenburg University,  specialized in Gender, Latin America and International Political Economy. Chair of GADIP, Gender and Development in Practice, Sweden and member of the board of WIDE+ (Women and Development Europe).


Date: May 26  at 18-19.30 hrs- Göteborg’s Time

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Organised by the Open seminars on Latin America, SGS, GU And GADIP, Gender and Development in Practice, Sweden