Wish You Were Queer - Club Kids

fre 22:00 (09/02-2018)  -  lör 03:00 (10/02-2018)
Sticky Fingers

Club Kids:

Leigh Bowery, Michael Alig, Michael Tronn, Amanda Lepore among others, inspired this movement in the early 90s which at the same time, inspired the world best clubs, photographers, fashion designers, the most famous Drag Queens around the Globe. Including the famous movie Party Monster with Macaulay Culkin.

Anyways… :)

The theme will be obviously Club Kids and we will give away 3 VIP cards to the winners of the contest. A competition which will praise the best 3 outfits!

These VIP cards can be used forever for you and a good friend to come in for free to every single club we will host :)

“Don’t dream it, be it! “


-DJ Baby Baby 

-Nimbus 2000


-Kendi Cane, More tba



♥ NÄR? 9e Februari - 22-03

♥ INTRÄDE: 120:- ♥ ⚧ALLA ÄR VÄLKOMNA! 18 år


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