EuroPride 2018 Stockholm Gothenburg (Official)

tis 00:00 (14/08-2018)  -  sön 23:00 (19/08-2018)

Welcome to EuroPride 2018 in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Two cities, one country – for a united Europe, open to the world!

EuroPride starts in Stockholm on July 27th with a break from August 6th to 13th. EuroPride will then resurrect in full power in Gothenburg on August 14th and end on August 19th.

Both cities will bloom in rainbow colors and offer EuroPride Parks, EuroPride Houses, EuroPride Parades and great local and international artists, bands, performers and speakers.


Stockholm: July 27 to August 5 
Gothenburg: August 14 to August 19

Contact Stockholm:
Contact Gothenburg: 
Proud Organisers: Stockholm Pride West Pride

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